Move In/Move Out Instructions

Move-In Instructions

New tenants can begin to contact our office as early as August 1 to schedule your move-in date and time. Early move-ins are available on a limited first-come, first-served basis. In some cases, you can move in as early as August 1st. Any move-ins set before August 1st requires the signing of an “early move-in release.” Please note that your August rent is not pro-rated and is due the day you move in. If you choose to move in early, your unit may not be cleaned or turned over – this is due to the extremely high demand to move in as close to August 1st as possible. The prior tenants’ lease is through July 31st (as is yours) making it impossible to turn a unit over by August 1st. You are welcome to schedule an early move in, but you then take over the general cleaning of the unit. We will always take care of any maintenance needed, but you must allow our workers to work around you since you are already moved in! While it is our goal to get the cleaners through every one of our units, sometimes it is just not possible. If you can wait until August 2-14, you have a better chance of having your unit prepped!

Your entire group does not need to be present for move-in, however, when you email to set your move-in appointment, you will need to provide a contact person and contact cell phone number for your move-in day. Your contact person will also receive all of your keys. Be sure to set up your utilities BEFORE your move-in date!

Move Out Instructions

Your lease ends on July 31 and you must leave your home no later than midnight on July 31 (although we do not recommend waiting until the last moment!) Any holdovers will be charged in accordance with the lease. Your home MUST be left SPOTLESS…which means not a single personal item or piece of trash! Any items left inside or around the home will be charged against your Security Deposit.

Information on Your Security Deposit Return

Your Security Deposit Return (SDR) will be sent to you within forty-five (45) days after the expiration of your lease agreement pursuant to Indiana Lease Law. We will mail the SDR to the forwarding address you provide to us IN WRITING on the lease contract. If we are not given a forwarding address, the SDR will be held until we are contacted in writing and given a forwarding address to send it to.

Enclosed with the check will be a detailed itemization of any and all deductions against your Security Deposit. Once again, due to the extreme workload we face during this time of year and because we are unable to determine which residents caused damage to the unit, we issue only one check per apartment or house and we do not write individual checks.

In order to receive credit for your door and mailbox keys, you must return them to the property management company. Please contact Mackie Properties to schedule key(s) drop off or pick up. The keys must be enclosed in an envelope with your full apartment address on it. The failure to return all of your keys will result in a door lock re-key charge of $100.00. We realize this policy is very strict but it is the result of problems that have occurred over the years.

You must vacate your unit no later than 12:00 Midnight July 31. No holdovers will be tolerated! Failure to vacate your unit on time will result in a $100.00 per day charge that must be enforced.

Please make sure that you pay your last months rent . Your Security Deposit cannot and will not take the place of your last months rent. Anyone who tries to do this will be charged late fees. Please pay your rent on time and closely communicate with our office.

There is a $30 dollar fee for early utility disconnects!