Pet Policy

A fish aquarium and up to two birds are permitted with no additional cost to the resident(s). Aquariums must not leak and must be cleaned regularly to prevent foul water and/or odors. Birds must be properly caged. Seeds and droppings must be shielded to prevent accumulation and/or damage to carpeting or floors. In addition, one cat or one dog is permitted when the required deposit/fees have been paid, and the rules/regulations outlined in this document have been followed. No other pets are permitted without first obtaining management approval.

Pet owners must abide by all Bloomington laws and regulations for pets, including leash laws. Monroe County animal law requires all pets to be on a leash when outside. If your pet is found without a leash, you will be fined a $30.00 fee.

In order to be fair to those residents who register their pets, residents who are found to have a pet without having first signed a pet agreement and paid the required pet deposit and fees will be charged the $25.00 per month fee from the first day of their lease regardless of the date the pet was acquired. In cases where an unregistered pet is discovered that does not meet our pet guidelines, the pet will need to be removed from the premises within seven (7) days of discovery.

Resident(s) acknowledge(s) and agrees that management may revoke this consent if any or all of the guidelines of the pet policy are not met. Any and all damages to the house caused by the presence of the pet will be the responsibility of the resident(s).

The resident(s) further agree(s) to indemnify and hold harmless Mackie Properties, LLC for any personal injury or illness resulting from the actions or presence of the resident’s pet to any other residents or guests.

IMPORTANT: All renters with pets should purchase renter’s insurance with an attached pet liability clause.